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On this episode the guys take you down the list of RB1s complete with prognostications for next season and some fun stats from 2017, but first they give you a rundown of all the latest rumors in a new segment called Fact or Fiction. Don’t miss next week’s shows when the guys give you their way too early 2018 hot takes and start breaking down wide receivers. It’s going to be a jam packed offseason!


No frills here. After a quick update on all the coaching hires of the last two weeks and a discussion on the Josh McDaniels–Indianapolis Colts–debacle, the guys jump into their review of 2017’s 2nd tier running backs. This one’s even got a few clips from the infancy of the show, so don’t miss out!


Who’s your MVP for 2017? What about your fantasy MVP? On this episode, the Takeaway Guys tell you theirs, along with both their Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year, Comback Players of the Year, and much, much more. They even reveal their picks for the Super Bowl nobody wants to watch.


The Takeaway Guys are back to battle the Pro Bowl week blues. On our newest episode the guys break down the QB1 position for 2017, make some hard choices in a new Coin Flips, and celebrate the return of our listener Mailbag. Don’t forget to subscribe!


The Takeaway Guys are back to bring you their take on 2017s QB2s. There was some crow to be eaten, but a lot of “I told you so” as well. First, Murphy, Chris and Joe get you caught up with the offseason Coaching Carousel and all the injuries leading up to both the AFC and NFC Championship games. Thanks for tuning in all fantasy offseason. Stick around, because we’ve got some great surprises planned for those dedicated enough to hang with us all through the summer.


On this episode, the Takeaway Guys debut the Sex Panther Awards (Season Long Duds) and then reveal how they did in Wildcard Week for the NFL Playoff Challenge! Murph scored the most, but suffered some BIG losses for the multiplier. Congratulations to Chris for being officially added to the show. You’ve earned it man.


This one’s short but sweet! Just a quick, no-frills preview of the NFL Playoff Challenge and a reveal of Murphy, Joe and Chris’ Wild Card Weekend rosters.


The guys ran a little long on this one, so the playoff challenge talk will have to wait until tomorrow. On this episode Murphy, Joe and Chris go through all the relevent News & Notes along with some Offensive Rookie of the Year talk and a quick rundown of the coaching vacancies around the league. Then it’s on to SEASON LONG STUDS!!! The best of the best from 2017. Stay tuned Friday for the aforementioned Playoff Challenge short!


Murph had some problems with his audio, but the show must go on! This wraps up our inaugural regular season as a podcast! Thanks so much to everyone who tagged along. Your feedback and listenership is truly invaluable. For those still playing in the highly inadvisable Week 17 championship, we’re here for you! Cheap dates to get you through all those dreaded playoff prep sits and end of season injuries. Don’t forget to check back all offseason. We’ll be doing a bunch of dynasty focused episodes as well as coverage of the NFL draft and free agency, not to mention all the offseason workout programs.


The Takeaway Guys are back for Championship Week! Joe and Chris break down the Saturday doubleheader and throw out their Cheap Dates for Week 16. Murphy was out today from exhaustion due to Christmas time in retail. For those of you already in offseason mode, this show also covers last minute waiver pickups for dynasty leagues. Another jam packed show you don’t wanna miss!


Joe is once again absent on his honeymoon, but Murphy and Chris have you covered.  With the usual TNF preview and our What To Watch For…we also dived deep into sleepers that could win you a playoff victory.  We also discussed Aaron Rodger’s return to the Fantasy Football Realm and if you should play him, all this and much more on this episode.


We’ll see you on Thursday with our Studs and Duds and a special playoff edition of Cheap Dates!


Even with Joe away on his Honeymoon the show goes on. On our Week 14 Preview episode Chris and Murphy break down the most recent news, break down a Thursday Night Preview, go over some Cheap Date (Sleepers), and throw out some What to Watch For’s. Are you ready for the fantasy playoffs?


Alright the Takeaway Guys are back with the Tuesday ‘Week in Review’ show! Who had the best Cheap Dates, and which studs stood out the most? The guys break down all that along with waiver targets and a Booth Review. This show was action packed and Murphy finally admitted his NFL Bromance to the world. Don’t miss out this week!


The Takeaway Guys do the heavy lifting on Thursday! A Thursday Night Football breakdown, streamers in Cheap Dates, What to Watch For in Week 13, and a listener mailbag! Here’s to a Week 13 push into the playoffs!


Week 13 is upon us! The Takeaway Guys are back to break down all the insane Fantasy Football from Week 12. We talk Studs & Duds and Booth Reviews from Week 12. Then look forward to the final leg of the season Tapping the Wire Candidates to help you in your Playoff Push.


On this short episode of The Fantasy Takeaway, the guys dive into all the best and worst playoff matchups. Trade for, trade away, and waiver wire pickups are all covered. Good luck down the stretch! We hope you all takeaway a championship!


Happy Thanksgiving! On our Week 12 Preview show the guys break down all THREE Thursday Matchups, our usual Cheap Date streamers–hoping to keep our TE streak alive!–our What to Watch Fors in Week 12, and a special Listener Mailbag. We wish you all a great holiday and hope you enjoy our show in between servings of Turkey and Stuffing!


The guys ran just a little long on this one so they couldn’t get you the playoff primer they’d planned for, but never fear! They still kicked out some Studs & Duds, an Injury Roundup and all the best waiver adds in Tapping the Wire. Stay tuned for a special bonus episode with all the best and worst playoff matchups in addition to the usual Thursday show later this week!


On our newest episode the guys talk recent injuries, Week 10 Studs and Duds, waiver pickups in Tapping the Wire, and a review of last weeks hot takes in Booth Reviews. Are you looking ahead to the playoffs? Let us help you win a title!


Week 10 is almost here! Are you prepared? On the newest show the guys break down the TNF Seahawks Cardinals matchup, talk some Streamers in Cheap Dates, and big topics from our favorite matchups of the weekend in What to Watch For.


Did you eat a W in Week 9? Murphy, Joe, and returning contributor Chris dive into a review of all the Week 9 news, trade targets going forward, waiver pickups in our regular Tapping the Wire segment, and some crazy Booth Reviews.



Sorry for the delay!

We’ve got cheap dates to help you replace him. A Thursday Night Football preview, a recap of all the madness that happened at the trade deadline, and a What to Watch For for this weekend. Good Luck & Enjoy!


Joe is out of town, but we didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. This one will be short and sweet. Just streamers in our Cheap Dates segment and What to Watch For this weekend. We’ll be back next week full length episodes starting again on Thursday! Good luck in Week 8!


With Joe leaving for vacation before Thursday’s show, the guys decided to give you some bonus material on this special extended version of The Fantasy Takeaway. Not only do you get the usual waiver wire targets in Tapping the Wire along with Studs & Duds and the What to Watch For recap in Booth Review. The guys also introduce a couple new segments in Murphy’s Law and a fresh take on Stock Up/Stock Down.


Week 7! On this episode, the guys take you through all the big injuries and their implications for Week 7 in In or Out, hook you up with all the best streamers in Cheap Dates, C.J. Beathard, Brett Hundley, Joe Mixon, Carson Wentz and Josh McCown are discussed in What to Watch For, and finally the guys tackle a few Start/Sit questions to close out the show. Good luck in Week 7!


Week 6 is officially in the books! Joe and Murphy are back to take a look at what worked and what didn’t in Week 6. Their goal is to get you prepared to start week seven on the right foot. As always we have News, Injury Roundups, Tapping the Wire, and our personal favorite the listener mailbag! Are you ready to crush Week 7?!


Week 6 is here and the guys have everything you need to get a W! Injury updates in In or Out, streamers in Cheap Dates, a Week 6 preview in What to Watch For and some Start/Sit questions from listeners like you!


Murphy had some technical issues, so the guys had to scrap their first take and hit you with only the most important information on this special Tuesday short edition of the Fantasy Takeaway. Just news, injuries and waivers on this one. Make sure to tune in Thursday for a special Thursday show including Studs from Week 5 as well as the usual In or Out (with a new format), Cheap Dates, What to Watch For and some Start/Sit questions from listeners.


We’ve passed the quarter pole! On the episode the guys take you through all their favorite streamers in Cheap Dates, get you caught up on injuries in In or Out, and let you know just what they’re looking forward to this weekend in What to Watch For. Murphy’s rankings won’t be up this week, but Joe’s are up at

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Week 4 is in the books and man are we at The Fantasy Takeaway glad things are coming into focus for fantasy football in 2017. Le’veon Bell had a great day. Joe Flacco was bad. Almost all was right in the world. On this episode the guys take on the real Studs & Duds from Week 4, get you all the info on waiver wire claims in their Tapping the Wire segment, and recap what they watched for this weekend in Booth Review. Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter @FFTakeaway and leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts!


Are you ready for Week Four?! On this Thursday episode we dive deep into all the major injury news across the NFL. Our Cheap Dates segment is a must for DFS and last minute streamers. We end with our What to Watch For and listener Start/Sit questions. We brought our A Game so you could bring yours come Sunday!


Whoa!! What a crazy week for fantasy! This show has been dubbed “The Twilight Zone Episode”… and for good reason. Case Keenum, Jacoby Brissett and Blake Bortles all top five QBs? Get outta here! The guys attempt to take you through one of the strangest weeks in recent memory with their Studs & Duds. Then it’s on to waivers in the Tapping the Wire segment, and finally it’s the weekly evaluation of the previous week’s What to Watch For segment in Booth Review. Go home Week 3… you’re drunk.


Week 3 is fast approaching and Joe and Murphy want to make sure you’re prepared. On this Week 3 Prep episode they give you the highlights from every team’s injury report, go into the big things they’re watching for, and throw out some cheap dates for DFS and streaming. Are you ready to go 3-0!?


Week 2 is in the books and we had a ton to talk about! On this Tuesday show Joe and Murphy went over a review of last week including Studs and Duds, Injury Roundup, and Booth Review before ending with Tapping the Wire and and a listener mailbag. The guys really had a lot of fun making this episode. Enjoy!


Are you ready for Week Two? On this episode Murphy and Joe dive into all the major injuries across the NFL, Sleepers and Streamers, What to Watch For, and tons of listener Start/Sit scenarios. Download and listen to be ready to dominate your leauges!


We’ve finally made it to Week 1!!! The guys take on the best and worst performances of the week in their Studs & Duds segment, give you the donw-low on all the best targets for the waiver wire, and breeze through some of the things they were hoping to find out this weekend in Booth Review. As always this show has plenty of News & Notes and a Mailbag to boot! See you on Thursday for Cheap Dates, Start/Sit and much, much more.


This is a bittersweet episode for the guys at The Fantasy Takeaway. The Show’s 50th episode also marks the first episode without Mike, who has decided to step away from his duties co-hosting the show to spend more time focusing on his family and his career. We’ll miss you dearly, Mike. On this show Murphy and Joe dive into their tight end rankings, cover some sleepers in their Cheap Dates segment, cover What to Watch For–Week 1 Edition–then jump through some quick Start/Sit scenarios and Mailbag questions. The regular season is finally here! Don’t miss a beat. The Fantasy Takeaway is just getting started!


With Murphy under the weather and Mike out with a personal issue, Joe holds down the fort with the most recent News & Notes including injuries and surprise cuts. The guys will be back on Thursday for a special extended Week 1 preview episode, so stay tuned! The season is just over 24 hours away!