With draft week rapidly approaching and mock draft season in full swing, we at the Fantasy Takeaway wanted to bring you a mock draft like no other. We've teamed up with 11 other sites to provide pick-by-pick analysis for a 12-Team PPR Mock Draft. The picks and analysis will be released round-by-round over the coming weeks, so check back often for updates from some of the best fantasy minds around.

The draft order has been set, and the mock is soon to be underway, but first, let's take a moment to introduce these amazing writers and podcasters.

Pick 1: Tim Monk, Host of The Full 10 Yards Podcast

You can find Tim's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 2: Brian D'Erario, Dynasty Fantasy Football contributor at The Fantasy Football Franchise & IDP Guys. Newsdesk contributor at FantasyPros

You can find Brian's full team w/ analysis here

Pick 3: Sam “Stompy” Lane, contributor for IDP Guys, The Fantasy Authority, & The Fantasy Football Franchise

You can find Stompy's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 4: Jeff DiMatteo, Contributor for CleatGeeks w/ analysis at The Fantasy Takeaway

You can find Jeff's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 5: Kacey Kasem, Contributor for Fighting Chance Fantasy & Serial Podcast Guest

You can find Kacey's full team w/ analysis here

Pick 6: Britt Bisson, Co-Host of The Fantasy Football Fignuts Podcast

You can find Britt's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 7: Dwight Peebles, contributor at Dynasty Happy Hour & The Fantasy Authority

You can find Dwight's full team w/ analysis here

Pick 8: Xavier “Coach X” Warner, Owner at Top Shelf Daily Fantasy Football & Contributor for The Fantasy Football Franchise & IDP Guys

You can find Xavier's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 9: Steve Toroni, Co-Host of The Hot Take Fantasy Football Podcast & The Fantasy Professor at FantraxHQ

Pick 10: Marc Szymanski, Staff Writer for Top 2 Sports

You can find Marc's full team w/ Analysis here.

Pick 11: Murphy Hamilton, Co-Host of The Fantasy Takeaway Podcast 

You can find Murphy's full team w/ analysis here.

Pick 12: Joe Pollock, Lead Editor, Co-Host & Producer at The Fantasy Takeaway Podcast

You can find my full team with analysis here.

Round 1:

Pick 1.01: RB Todd Gurley LAR – Tim Monk – @Full10Yards

Todd Gurley is as safe as they come in fantasy football this season; High scoring offence, focal point of attack and a mastermind… READ MORE

Pick 1.02: RB David Johnson ARI – Brian D'Erario – @BrianDFF

Following the 2016 season, Johnson had recorded 1,239 yards rushing and added on 879 yards receiving. I know for certain Johnson… READ MORE

Pick 1.03: RB Ezekiel Elliott DAL – Sam “Stompy” Lane – @FFStompy

I wish Johnson had fallen to me as I believe he finishes as the RB1 for 2018 in PPR. However, I can not really complain about… READ MORE

Pick 1.04: RB Le'Veon Bell PIT – Jeff DiMatteo@NFL_DiMatteo

At the 1.04, this selection was a no-brainer. Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott, and David Johnson were off the board so Le’Veon was… READ MORE

Pick 1.05: RB Saquon Barkley NYG – Kacey Kasem – @thekaceykasem 

Why go Saquon here?  Well, for starters, I haven’t drafted him anywhere yet.  Never taken him in mocks and never taken him in real… READ MORE

Pick 1.06: RB Alvin Kamara NO – Britt Bisson – @fignutsdfs

When they announced this draft, I had already planned out that I wanted a top 5 pick to guarantee me a… READ MORE

Pick 1.07: WR DeAndre Hopkins HOU – Dwight Peebles – @FFPeeblesChamp

With the seventh pick in the first round of the 2018 Mockstravaganza, DHH selects… DeAndre Hopkins! After six running backs were taken… READ MORE

Pick 1.08: WR Antonio Brown PIT – Xavier “Coach X” Warner@TopShelfDFF

I thought this one was pretty self-explanatory if I’m being honest. The picks before me were all the big six running backs and DeAndre Hopkins… READ MORE

Pick 1.09: RB Melvin Gordon LAC – Steve Toroni – @FFProfessorST3

Pick 1.10: WR Odell Beckham NYG – Marc Szymanski – @FFA_Marc

I love that OBJ is falling this late. I understand the desire to get a stud RB in the first round since the position is so shallow. It explains the… READ MORE

Pick 1.11: RB Kareem Hunt KC – Murphy Hamilton – @MurphyFFT

When I saw Kareem Hunt had fallen to me at pick 11 in this fantasy football mock draft, I wasn’t able to hit the draft button fast… READ MORE

Pick 1.12: WR Keenan Allen LAC – Joe Pollock – @HumanStatSheet

This pick hurt a little. I love Keenan Allen, but watching Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham Jr. fly off the board in the two picks immediately preceding my selection was… READ MORE

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Round 2

Pick 2.01: WR Davante Adams GB – Joe Pollock – @HumanStatSheet

This pick was risky, I'll admit. With wide receivers like Michael Thomas and Julio Jones… READ MORE

Pick 2.02: WR Michael Thomas NO – Murphy Hamilton – @MurphyFFT

I’ve started to enjoy picking later in the draft order. I tend to find the choices easier to make when they’re grouped together. Picking at the turn… READ MORE

Pick 2.03: RB Dalvin Cook MIN – Marc Szymanski – @FFA_Marc

Breath holding was successful. Dalvin Cook is my #5 RB. Yes, I’d rather have him over Alvin Kamara and… READ MORE

Pick 2.04: WR Julio Jones ATL – Steve Toroni – @FFProfessorST3

Pick 2.05: RB Christian McCaffrey CAR – Xavier “Coach X” Warner@TopShelfDFF

If you’ve followed me on twitter for some time or listen to our podcast episodes then you have to know in the early part of the second round… READ MORE

Pick 2.06: RB Devonta Freeman ATL – Dwight Peebles – @FFPeeblesChamp

I routinely see Freeman going mid second round or later and it doesn’t make sense… READ MORE

Pick 2.07: RB Leonard Fournette JAX – Britt Bisson – @fignutsdfs

I was shocked when I saw him fall all the way to overall #19. He is the seventh RB on my board and McCaffery and Gordon both went… READ MORE

Pick 2.08: RB Jordan Howard CHI – Kacey Kasem – @thekaceykasem 

Here I wanted to take a second running back since I like starting off RB – RB. Prior to my pick… READ MORE

Pick 2.09: RB Joe Mixon CIN – Jeff DiMatteo@NFL_DiMatteo

This season the Running Back group is really top-heavy, so grabbing a stud like Bell and an ascending player like Mixon… READ MORE

Pick 2.10: TE Rob Gronkowski NE – Sam “Stompy” Lane – @FFStompy

I have been coming around more and more on drafting a tight end this early. In fact, I plan on trying to grab Gronk in the second in all… READ MORE

Pick 2.11: WR A.J. Green CIN – Brian D'Erario – @BrianDFF

I followed that pick with A.J. Green. After a disappointing season riddled with bad offensive line and quarterback play… READ MORE

Pick 2.12: WR Mike Evans TB – Tim Monk – @Full10Yards

For our first pick of the two, we are going Mike Evans. Other Wide receivers left on the board are Doug Baldwin, Tyreek Hill, Adam Thielen… READ MORE



Pick 3.01: WR Stefon Diggs – Tim Monk@Full10Yards

This may be considered a reach considering injuries history for Diggs and that over his career in the NFL is very much a boom or bust guy… READ MORE

Pick 3.02: WR Larry Fitzgerald – Brian D'Erario@BrianDFF

Fitzgerald, since moving to the slot, has seen three consecutive seasons with 100+ receptions and 1,000+ yards… READ MORE

Pick 3.03: WR Doug Baldwin – Sam “Stompy” Lane@FFStompy

Many owners would be wary of this pick after the news that Baldwin would sit out the entire preseason with a knee injury. However… READ MORE

Pick 3.04: WR Tyreek Hill – Jeff DiMatteo@NFL_DiMatteo

This is a classic “play to win” pick. Hill has the ability to score any time he touches the ball which is why I took… READ MORE

Pick 3.05: TE Travis Kelce – Kacey Kasem@thekaceykasem

Travis Kelce is my favorite tight end to draft in fantasy. I feel like his third round value is just right for him. Kelce had 38 receptions on 123… READ MORE

Pick 3.06: WR Adam Thielen – Britt Bisson@fignutsdfs

I had two players in mind as we approached the turn, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. They both… READ MORE

Pick 3.07: RB Alex Collins – Dwight Peebles@FFPeeblesChamp

Collins started 12 games for the Ravens in 2017 and if you had him in your starting lineup late season he likely leads you to a title. He rushed for 973… READ MORE

Pick 3.08: WR Amari Cooper – Xavier “Coach X” Warner@TopShelfDFF

Pick 3.09: WR TY Hilton – Steve Toroni@FFProfessorST3

Pick 3.10: RB Royce Freeman – Marc Szymanski@FFA_Marc

When I made this pick, Vance Joseph hadn’t come out with his “Devontae Booker is the starter” news. Thankfully… READ MORE

Pick 3.11: RB Kenyan Drake – Murphy Hamilton@MurphyFFT

One of the most intriguing names in fantasy football mock drafts this offseason has been Kenyan Drake. I’m among those… READ MORE

Pick 3.12: RB Jerick McKinnon – Joe Pollock@HumanStatSheet

This pick was pure upside. McKinnon wasn't the guy I wanted. Drafting behind @MurphyFFT is a nightmare… READ MORE

Round 3

Pick 4.01: RB Derrick Henry – Joe Pollock – @HumanStatSheet

My takeaway from this mock draft: No zero RB from the turn from here on out. My RB2 is a flex… READ MORE

Pick 4.02: WR Demaryius Thomas – Murphy Hamilton – @MurphyFFT

Pick 4.03: WR Jarvis Landry – Marc Szymanski – @FFA_Marc

Pick 4.04: LeSean McCoy – Steve Toroni – @FFProfessorST3

Pick 4.05: Jay Ajayi – Xavier “Coach X” Warner – @TopShelfDFF

Pick 4.06: Allen Robinson – Dwight Peebles – @FFPeeblesChamp

Pick 4.07: Zach Ertz – Britt Bisson – @fignutsdfs

Pick 4.08: Golden Tate – Kacey Kasem – @thekaceykasem

Pick 4.09: Marvin Jones – Jeff DiMatteo – @NFL_DiMatteo

Pick 4.10: Lamar Miller – Sam “Stompy” Lane – @FFStompy

Pick 4.12: JuJu Smith-Schuster – Brian D'Erario – @BrianDFF

Pick 4.12: Mark Ingram – Tim Monk – @Full10Yards

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