2019 Quarterback Rankings

TFT is back with QB rankings! In this episode, the guys break down the entire quarterback position from Case Keenum to Aaron Rodgers and everyone in between. The Hall of Fame game is tonight! It’s officially football season. Let’s GOOOOO!!!!

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(07:13) Eli Manning

(08:45) Marcus Mariota

(10:05) Nick Foles

(11:44) Joe Flacco

(13:48) Sam Darnold

(14:38) Lamar Jackson

(17:03) Kyler Murray

(20:32) Jimmy Garoppolo

(22:55) Andy Dalton

(24:42) Josh Allen

(26:21) Derek Carr

(27:09) Kirk Cousins

(28:34) Jameis Winston

(29:52) Mitch Trubisky

(32:45) Matthew Stafford

(34:20) Tom Brady

(35:26) Dak Prescott

(37:18) Jared Goff

(38:11) Carson Wentz

(39:36) Ben Roethlisberger

(40:50) Philip Rivers

(41:12) Drew Brees

(43:51) Russell Wilson

(44:42) Matt Ryan

(46:21) Baker Mayfield

(47:19) Cam Newton

(48:15) Deshaun Watson

(49:16) Patrick Mahomes

(51:00) Andrew Luck

(52:32) Aaron Rodgers

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