Week 9 Recap – Gruden’s Whiners, Hangin w/ Mr. Cooper, & Bruce’s Browns?

On this episode, the guys recap a CRAZY Week 9. The Bears are back on track, the Raiders are in a race to the bottom, Amari’s problems may have been Bay Area related, and Bruce Arians has interest in an NFL coaching gig. An insane NFL season somehow keeps getting even crazier.

The Fantasy Takeaway has some exciting new announcements this week! The Atlantic’s Jake Ciely will be joining the show on Thursday. He’s an amazing writer and incredible football mind. The next giveaway has also been decided. It’s a Patrick Mahomes signed jersey! Just head over to The Fantasy Takeaway’s Giveaway Page in the coming days for more details.

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Week 8 Preview – No News is Good News

This one's short but sweet. The guys start off by taking the temperature on some hot and cold players season-long fantasy projections, then jump into a Cheap Dates with ANOTHER BOARD BET, and finally wrap things up with their weekly Thursday Night Preview. Bad teams with good records. Miami vs. Houston. Let's do this.

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Week 7 Recap – Reid’s Wrecking Crew & Dalton’s Dirty Duvet

Introducing Murphy ‘GO TIDE’ Flacco, the new host of The Fantasy Takeaway Podcast. The week is over! The bet has an outcome, and Joe bested Murphy. The Colts crushed the 8 point line for last week’s wager, so for this week, Murphy is known as Murphy ‘GO TIDE’ Flacco. Find out how the guys did on all their cheap dates, and check out the Week 8 News, Notes & Injury Roundup. Dive into the Studs & Duds and this week’s Featured Matchup on this episode of The Fantasy Takeaway. Don’t miss an episode! We’ll be starting a new giveaway as soon as Joe gets back from Florida next week!

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Week 7 Preview – Cheap Dates with Dudes Named C.J.

Much to Murphy’s dismay, we’re one Dolphins win away from the month being renamed Brocktober. On this Week 7 Preview episode, Murphy & Joe dive into the matchups for the Thursday Night Football game, drop an Injury Roundup that’s longer than anyone would like, and hit you with their Cheap Dates. Apparently, Joe’s a little obsessed with dudes named C.J. Good luck in all your matchups this week! We’ll see you on Sunday for the Facebook Live Stream!

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Week 6 Review – Brockweiler & the Balling Bears

Fantasy football is often about who can find the best value in the draft and off the waiver wire. With that simple idea in mind, we at The Fantasy Takeaway have decided to take a long hard look at just how much value we’re providing to our listeners. The significant changes started with our Thursday Night Preview in Week 6, and that segment was such a resounding success, we’re introducing a brand new Matchups segment in the same vein. First up, it wouldn’t be Tuesday without News & Notes, Injury Roundup, Booth Review, and Tapping the wire. Let us know what you think with an iTunes review, include your Twitter handle, and you might become the owner of a fancy new Fantasy Takeaway T-Shirt. 

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Week 6 Preview – This One’s All About the Smash Spot!

On this episode, Joe & Murph quickly run through a nice Joe Flacco crapping session (his wife even took part in this one), the News, Notes, Injury Roundup, and Cheap Dates. After that, it’s a revamped Thursday Night Preview focused more on matchups. This is a new format, so whether you interact with the show on Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon, let us know what you think. We’re always trying to improve at The Fantasy Takeaway, so any and all feedback is invaluable.  

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Week 5 Recap

Well, Week 5 is in the books and with it another 30+ point performance from Alvin Kamar… wait, what? Oh, sorry. Looks like Kamara came back down to earth this week. All kidding aside, Kamara is going to be fine, but temper those expectations going forward. Joe & Murph roll through a quick News, Notes & Injury Roundup along with their Studs & Duds and a Tapping the Wire in this Week 5 Recap.  There’s even a fun Human Statsheet Stat of the Week about a player every fantasy enthusiast out there should be targeting. Don’t miss a minute of the action this season. The guys have even booked a very special guest for their Week 10 preview, so stay tuned.

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Week 5 Preview w/ Professor Chris Moore

On this episode, the guys bring on  Professor Chris Moore of the SleeperWire Podcast for a Week 5 Preview. Chris was the first full-episode guest on The Fantasy Takeaway, and Murphy & Joe couldn’t be more excited to bring him back. Joe coined a new fantasy term this week. Wide Rerunningback. It’s gonna be a thing. Professor Chris & Joe even made a board bet w/ twitter naming rights on the line. A fun twist on News & Notes, Injury Roundup, Cheap Dates, a Thursday Night Preview, and Week 5 What 2 Watch 4 round out this episode of The Fantasy Takeaway. Good luck with your Week 5 matchups. Make sure to check out Joe’s Sunday Live Stream on Facebook for answers to all your last minute lineup questions.

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Week 4 Recap

Week 4 is in the books, and a wild first quarter of the NFL season it has been. Patrick Mahomes came back to earth a little, but the outrageous fantasy scoring has not. Murphy took down Joe’s unbeatable team this week, and the days left in the Todd Gurley helmet giveaway are dwindling. Life is good at The Fantasy Takeaway, and the guys have never worked harder to win you a fantasy championship than they are right now.

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