This is the place to find all the links and tools mentioned on the Fantasy Takeaway Podcast. Some of these products and services provide the show with a commision when purchased through the links below. These commissions come at no cost to you, and some of these products and services even come with exclusive listener discounts. It's a great way to support the show while at the same time grabbing all the tools you need to win your fantasy league.

The one promise we, Murphy Hamilton & Joe Pollock, will make to you, our listeners & readers, is that no product will ever appear on this page if we don't think it's valuable to you. Not every tool or website is useful for everyone, but the show endorses all of these links. I don't sleep on a Casper Mattress. I'm sure they're nice, but we're not going to try to sell you something we don't believe in.


Pro Football Focus

  • Pro Football Focus boasted three analysts in's Fantasy Football Rankings Accuracy Top 20 in 2017. Couple that with the incredible tools we at The Fantasy Takeaway use to evaluate players every day, and this is a no-brainer. Do you want to know which cornerbacks shadow an opposing team's top wide receiver? PFF's got that. How about slot performance, adjusted completion percentage, or running back elusiveness ratings? Yep. Pro Football Focus has those too. The shear volume of tools and insights on PFF is mind-boggling. Listeners of The Fantasy Takeaway can get $20 off a Pro Football Focus Elite Annual Subscription or $5 off an Edge Annual Subscription


  • FantasyData is the number one bookmark for The Fantasy Takeaway. From research to on-air fact checking and everything in between, there is no tool better for raw statistics. Sure you can find these stats peppered all over the internet, some in completely obscure places, but if you want fantasy stats in eight different scoring types, projections, snap counts, salaries, ADP, and defensive points allowed by position all in one place, FantasyData is the place to find them. Use Promo Code ‘Takeaway' for 20% off your purchase.

The Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Kit

  • Don't miss the Ultimate Draft Kit from The Fantasy Footballers. The projections, rankings, and draft tools are second to none, but the Reception Perception by Matt Harmon is where the value is. Where was the last place you saw the complete route tree in a visual representation for the top 50 wide receivers in the game with success rate and route percentage? Nowhere. That's where. Reception Perception alone is worth the $29.99 price tag, but with Promo Code ‘Takeaway‘ you can get 10% off your copy. We buy it every year. 

The Quant Edge

  • The Quant Edge is brand new as of August 8th, and the tool couldn't come soon enough for us stat nerds. TQE provides split based research tools like a head-to-head stat aggregator, an injury impact tool, WR/CB matchup analyzer, and will soon be introducing a lineup optimizer. TQE is a next-level tool for those tough lineup decisions we all face week-to-week. Do you want to know whether Dak Prescott was more affected by Ezekiel Elliott's absence or Tyron Smith's in 2017? Now you can find out with The Quant Edge. For a limited time, Fantasy Takeaway listeners can get 10% off the season-long subscription with Promo Code ‘Takeaway'.

Stat Route

  • Remember how many points per game Eli scores when he faces the Eagles? Stat Route remembers. Remember how many points he scored in his only Thursday Night game of the last three seasons? Stat Route remembers. Remember how many points Case Keenum averages in games where the temperature is below 35 degrees? Stat route… alright. Pepperidge Farm jokes aside, Stat Route is awesome. Nowhere else can you find NFL stats sortable by so many unique categories. The Human Statsheet Stat of the Week features stats found on Stat Route often. If you want to try out Stat Route, just head over to and enter Promo Code ‘TakeawayFF' for 25% off the monthly subscription. 

Trophies, Belts & Rings


  • These guys are awesome. They have fantasy hardware for every price range. You can even get giant draft boards with more than 450 color-coded player labels. My (Joe's) home league fantasy trophy came from If that doesn't tell you all you need to know, I don't know what will. 

Daily Fantasy


  • We at The Fantasy Takeaway switched our default scoring from half-point to PPR in 2018, and with that change came a switch in preferred DFS provider. All of our personal projections and weekly rankings are based on PPR scoring, so why wouldn't our DFS platform use PPR too? DraftKings offers Fantasy Takeaway listeners a free contest entry just for using the link above to sign up. 

League Dues Collection & Distribution


  • As you've probably heard Murphy & Joe mention on the show, the guys run a Facebook group with nearly 14,000 members. Keeping a community of that size free of scammers and safe for everyone to post and join leagues can be a nightmare. Enter LeagueSafe. With LeagueSafe, you no longer have to worry about your commissioner running off with your league dues or being kicked out of your league with no refund. With LeagueSafe, all collections and distribution are taken care of for you. Just send your money off during the preseason, win your league, and your winnings come back on the back end. New users get $10 added to their league dues for qualifying deposits using the link above. 

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