FTF Network Clip Submission

Welcome to the submission page! This portal is here to collect audio snippets that we'll be using to create the FTF Network episode about tough players to evaluate for the 2019 season. Be sure to follow the guidelines below. If you've arrived here by accident, head back to safety.

  • Use a microphone! Record in a quiet environment. We'll do our best to clean up the recordings, but we can only do so much. For more information about how to change the audio input device, check out these videos for Mac OS or Windows.
  • Clearly state your name and podcast at the start of your recording.
  • Try not to be too obvious. If we're going to acquire new listeners for the network, we're going to have to bring our A-Game. This is a chance to showcase your best ideas (and hopefully gain some street cred for the FTF Network in the process).
  • Be brief. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to contribute. I may ask people to re-submit if their clip is too long (ideally they'll be less than 2:20 so we can promote them on Twitter as videos).
  • Feel free to close with a quick mention of your Twitter handle or website (if applicable).
  • If you have any questions, reach out to Joe by email.

Here's a quick example from Frank! Do it like Frank did!